RICO Charges in SC

RICO / Racketeering Defense

RICO Defense AttorneyDo you or a loved one have a RICO charge pending? If so, you know that they are extremely complex federal criminal charges that could ruin your life if found guilty.

What is RICO?

A RICO charge (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) is a wide charge and revolves around the illegal conduct of a business or enterprise (to include fraud for personal product). The federal government has a vast amount of power to pursue these charges. You can be charged with a RICO crime if you have done a number of white collar crimes including:

  • Homicide;
  • Transport/distributing of drugs;
  • Gambling (in SC, this could include video poker, or even illegal BINGO);
  • Embezzlement;
  • Extortion;
  • Armed robbery or theft;
  • Laundering of money; and/or
  • Bribery (of a public official or otherwise).

Penalties For “Guilty” Verdict

If you’re found guilty of a RICO charge, the possible consequences include:

  • Imprisonment (up to 20-years for each RICO violation);
  • Mandatory probation/parole/electronic monitoring/home detention/counseling;
  • Loss of right to vote;
  • Loss of right to carry or possess a firearm;
  • Loss of assets (liquid or┬áreal property);
  • Substantial monetary fines; and/or
  • Reparation to victims.

What To Do Now?

Considering all of the above-mentioned consequences, it’s crucial for you to contact a RICO defense attorney immediately. Your future is at stake.