Bank Fraud: White Collar Crime

Federal Bank Fraud Defense

Federal Bank Fraud Defense AttorneyIt seems in movies that white collar criminals always commit bank fraud. While bank fraud is committed by those “mobsters” and suave white collar criminals some of the time, bank fraud, in its true essence, is much more encompassing than one may realize. Being charged with bank fraud–the arrest and investigation can severely harm your future–both personally and professionally. A federal criminal defense attorney is critical to retain if you’ve been charged with federal bank fraud because the consequences are dire if convicted.

What Is Bank Fraud?

Crimes that can lead to bank fraud charges include:

  • Lying or making a false statement to a loan/bank official;
  • Deceiving or conning a bank;
  • Falsifying loan documents;
  • Check fraud;
  • Forging a signature on a check;
  • Fraudulent ATM usage; and/or
  • Embezzlement.

If you’ve got other white collar charges pending (wire fraud, RICO charges, etc.) sometimes, bank fraud charges can be pressed, too. This is because transferring money to an offshore or international bank account for the specific purpose of hiding a criminal activity constitutes bank fraud.

Help! I’ve Been Charged With Bank Fraud!

If this is the case, or if a loved one has been charged with bank fraud, the penalties are quite severe and can include:

  • A monetary fine up to $1 million and/or prison time of 30-years;
  • Even steeper fines and prison time if you are a repeat offender.

If you’re evenĀ associated with a crime of bank fraud, this is still a crime. Covering up illegal activities or participation in any way can lead to your own criminal charges of bank fraud and possibly conspiracy charges, too. Don’t wait a second longer. Please reach out to a bank fraud attorney as soon as possible for an aggressive defense and to help you avoid prison time, fines, and to protect your future.